Code Of Conduct EOS San Francisco


We promise to be in active contact with you. Accessibility and candid responses is at the heart of our transparent movement.  


Radical Transparency

We’ll show you exactly what we are doing, why, and what we are thinking.

We record and publish our board meetings & financials.  


Arbitration Decisions:

We’ll apply code fixes to enforce the intent of code when there are is a valid arbitration order from an on-chain arbitration forum agreed to by both the developer and user of the software.



We support v2.1, which we presented in a medium article. We plan to support the version of the constitution that is ratified by the community.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe that honesty and integrity are paramount in a well functioning society.  As a representative of the broader ecosystem, we hold ourselves to a high standard.

Respect & Tolerance

We foster respect for people from every race, religion, sex, creed or culture.


We hold independence to be critical to prevent collusion and risk to the broader ecosystem.  Our organization is also entirely self-funded.


We believe in best-practices in security and perform security audits as necessary to prevent systemic risks to EOS block production.

Peace & Freedom

We believe the non-aggression principle allows peace & freedom, which leads to prosperity. Individual sovereignty is at the core of our vision.  


Changes To Our Code of Conduct

We believe in the fluidity of EOSIO. We’re open to shifting our approach in the best interest of the token holders.