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We’re a block producer candidate on the EOS Mainnet.

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your bridge to adoption.

Imagine EOS is a bridge to an empowered, transparent, global community. It’s our responsibility to support that bridge by building human networks and tools anyone can use. With this simple truth at our core, we’re bringing code to street-level.

We Are EOS San Francisco, Your Bridge To Adoption.

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Brandon Parker - CEO - Founder | Happy Money Man

Brandon’s background spans biotech, aviation, investment, & business. He started as the youngest helicopter pilot in the US and became a commercial flight instructor. In the Silicon Valley, he was a Cord Blood Education Specialist with the world’s largest private stem cell bank. Brandon is the blockchain Founder of The EOS Podcast, Happy Money Man Media & Steemit San Francisco. He contributed to the launch of EOS Mainnet as a board member for the Tulip Conference. Brandon owns an NCAA National Championship and a degree in Economics.

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Jun Dam - CFO - Founder | Bitcash | Peerhub

Founder of Bitcash & Peerhub, two startups that will integrate EOS tech. He organized EOS Ignite, the 1st virtual conference for EOS that drew +1,100 token-holders. He runs a weekly series on EOS Tokenomics & DACs as well as governance & the constitution. He's the co-organizer of the SF EOS meetup. He also leads the SF EOS Developers meetup that helped produce 2 of the top 3 winners at the SF EOS Hackathon. Jun is an enthusiast who's followed Bitcoin & crypto since 2012. He’s a member of the Steemit (@steemrollin) and Bitshares (merivercap) community. He co-organized the 2018 World Crypto Economic Forum that grossed +$800k. He also lead a grassroots effort for Ron Paul in the 2008 & 2012 political campaigns. He has nearly a decade of experience in the financial services industry. He has an MBA, is a CFA charterholder, and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

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Alicia Ferratusco - Partnerships - Founder | Starfish Network

Alicia co-founded Starfish Network, an organization dedicated to building collaborative blockchain-centric communities. Starfish launched their flagship blockchain coworking, event and peer-to-peer learning hub, Starfish Mission in SOMA San Francisco in April of 2018 and are continuously working to create synergies between industry groups, and advance adoption of blockchain technology.

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Max Infeld - Social Engagement - Founder | XEROGRAPHER

Max made his first alternative "viral currency" in 2008. He has 10+ years in art, design and typography, with an emphasis on community-engaged artwork and traditional printmaking. He's focused on building communities and education. Currently he spends his time as an instructor in art and design. When not designing software for future users he also makes art in his studio in Chico, CA.

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Virtual Growth - Global Ambassador - Founder | @virtualgrowth
Virtual Growth is a decentralization icon and advisor. With an undeniable faith in the tokenized economy and the trustless consensus of a global people, Virtual Growth moves forward the torch of its ethos.

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About US


EOS San Francisco is our brand name. San Francisco is our main hub of operations because the city remains on the bleeding edge of blockchain tech.

Our Bridge To Adoption: 3 Parts

Tech: Part 1

A Full-Service EOS Incubator and Blockchain Workspace

We Co-Founded IncubEOS at Starfish Mission in San Francisco.

Our space will foster the world’s leading EOS Dapps.

EOS needs startup magic.

We feel how fast tech moves in San Francisco. We’re going to plug EOS directly into some of the most creative devs in the world. We’ll foster these dapps with a creative space, tech experts, connections, and funding opportunities. We’ll bring more devs into EOS and more DApps onto the main chain.  

Community: Part 2

We founded the EOS San Francisco Meetup hub. This will be hosted in the same location as our incubator. Our community aims to be one of the strongest EOS centers in the world.   Brandon founded the largest Steemit Meetup in San Francisco. He transitioned those resources to support EOS. Alicia owns Starfish Mission, one of the hottest blockchain workspaces in the city. It’s a perfect storm of talent and location to act as a global base for EOS builders.

Education: Part 3

-The EOS Podcast hosted by Brandon. Last month our community listened for over 100,000 minutes. That’s consistent, quality, education. Community knowledge is power.

-The EOS Ignite Conference hosted by Jun. The 1st Global Webcast Conference for EOS had 60+ Speakers and drew +1,100 token-holders.

-Weekly study groups on Governance & Constitution / Tokenomics & DACs hosted by Jun.

-Distributed Saturday Developer Study group at Starfish Mission. Hosted by Jun and Alicia.

Our vision is to bring magic to San Francisco. We’re building a city with an EOS heartbeat.

It’s an honor to embark on this journey with you. Let’s grow together in abundance.

We have a chance to impact the course of humanity.

That’s why we’re here.

That’s why we founded EOS San Francisco.

Though we live here, none of our assets or legal entities are registered in California. We structured an International Business Entity in the Cook Islands to give the most protection to the EOS token holders. Our main goals are to comply with local laws and regulations while securing the network from hackers or outside governments. We will pay applicable taxes within the United States. We’re self-funded and have no planned investments from outside actors.


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